Aegis (Elite) (Shield)

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Aegis is a Ship in Exoplanets Online.

The Aegis is a "Shield Generator" class ship, with the ability to create an energy shield around any ally ship.

Shield Beam reduces income damage by 20% on the target ship as long as it is active and it restores the ship's Shields.


  • Upkeep: 252 CR/min
  • Hull HP: 9000
  • Armor: 100
  • Shield: 2000
  • L100 Def: 26%
  • Weapon Module Slots: 2
  • Support Module Slot: 3
  • Trait: Equipped with Shield Beam Ability. +100 Shield (+0.5 per ship level) -6 Energy/sec. Incoming Damage -20%.
  • Shield gained from Modules +10%, Thermal weapon damage +10%