Andromeda: Rebirth of Humanity Wiki

Habitats give your workers a place to live. Workers are required to keep most buildings operational.

They are best built on planets with high habitability and abundant water, to ensure a minimum Standard of Living(SoL). Workers may live on one planet, but they will work on any planet in your empire.

Workers cost wages, so try not to build more habitats than you need. If you want to make money, build a Resort Sector.

Tier Produces Power Water
T1 +40m Worker Capacity 5MW
T2 +44.5m Worker Capacity 10MW
T3 +49.5m Worker Capacity


  • Solar Panels: +20MW Electricity (Costs 80 Solar Panels)
  • Sleeping Pods: +10m Max Workers (Costs 200 Aluminum Bars)
  • Android Butler: +2 Standard Of Living(SoL) (Costs 40 Androids)

Preferred specialty slot type: Scenery (+Standard of Living)