Andromeda: Rebirth of Humanity Wiki

Ships have 3 different layers of Health Points (HP) keeping them alive.

An attack against a ship will deplete the HP bars in the following order: Shields > Armor > Hull

Different HP types counter different weapon types, a bit like "rock paper scissors". Below are the counters.


Ship shields are an energy based shield system that stop most projectiles before they ever hit the ship.

Shields prevent Electric weapon secondary effects.

  • Kinetic Weapons: Damage -30% against Shields
  • Thermal Weapons: Damage +30% against Shields
  • Explosive Weapons: Regular Damage against Shields
  • Electric Weapons: Damage +50% against Shields. Negates Electric Effects: Disruption (Disruption Cannon), Stun (EMP), Energy Loss (Lightning Beam).


Armor represents a layer of armor plating over the ship's hull.

  • Kinetic Weapons: Regular Damage against Armor
  • Thermal Weapons: Damage -30% against Armor
  • Explosive Weapons: Damage +30% against Armor
  • Electric Weapons: Damage -50% against Armor.


Hull represents the walls of the ship that hold back the vacuum of space. The last line of defense.

  • Kinetic Weapons: Damage +30% against Hull
  • Thermal Weapons: Regular Damage against Hull
  • Explosive Weapons: Damage -30% against Hull
  • Electric Weapons: Regular Damage against Hull.