Ship Armor Types

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Ships have 3 different layers of Health Points (HP) keeping them alive.

An attack against a ship will deplete the HP bars in the following order: Shields > Armor > Hull

Different HP types counter different weapon types, a bit like "rock paper scissors". Below are the counters.

Shield[edit | edit source]

Ship shields are an energy based shield system that stop most projectiles before they ever hit the ship.

Shields prevent Electric weapon secondary effects.

  • Kinetic Weapons: Damage -30% against Shields
  • Thermal Weapons: Damage +30% against Shields
  • Explosive Weapons: Regular Damage against Shields
  • Electric Weapons: Damage +50% against Shields. Negates Electric Effects: Disruption (Disruption Cannon), Stun (EMP), Energy Loss (Lightning Beam).

Armor[edit | edit source]

Armor represents a layer of armor plating over the ship's hull.

  • Kinetic Weapons: Regular Damage against Armor
  • Thermal Weapons: Damage -30% against Armor
  • Explosive Weapons: Damage +30% against Armor
  • Electric Weapons: Damage -50% against Armor.

Hull[edit | edit source]

Hull represents the walls of the ship that hold back the vacuum of space. The last line of defense.

  • Kinetic Weapons: Damage +30% against Hull
  • Thermal Weapons: Regular Damage against Hull
  • Explosive Weapons: Damage -30% against Hull
  • Electric Weapons: Regular Damage against Hull.