Standard Of Living

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Mechanic Description:[edit | edit source]

A planet's Standard of Living (SoL) represents the overall happiness of the population.

SoL effects population Growth Rate, which is displayed on the planet stats screen.

If SoL drops below 15, the citizens will begin to die off on a planet.

In order to reach high population values, high SoL must be provided.

Increasing Standard of Living:[edit | edit source]

A planet's habitability has a direct effect on SoL.

SoL can be increased by several buildings and addons. Buildings that can increase Standard of Living:

  • Habitat "Android Butler" addon.
  • Water Harvester "Nano Filters" addon.
  • Vertical Greenhouse "Public Park" addon.
  • Medical Facility main building and addons.
  • Communications satellite and addons.

Providing consumables to the citizens for cheap or free also increases Standard of Living.

Things that Decrease SoL:[edit | edit source]

  • Lack of Water: -40 SoL
  • Lack of Food: -20 SoL

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